I hope the viewer will not think I am an egomaniac when viewing these pictures. First, given that my grandmother had a slide camera by 1942, my mother had one young as did I, it was interesting to me that I might actually be able to come up with a picture for every year of my life. If these survive into the future someone might be interested in what great grandpa looked like. Certainly the historical value, fashions, things, etc shown in the background could also be of interest.

Note:  Not every picture had a date on it, so I tried to place a year to them by what I knew about the picture or circumstances. A few might be off by a year. Other pictures are available, if I find ones I like better I will replace these. When I had a choice of photos I  tried to show a few of my interests. Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Alabama Wisconsin Wisconsin Great Grandma Stewart's porch, 4 gen.
John & Gordon Start of something big, Chicago 6342 S Le Claire Ave, Chicago Chicago
618 N Phillippa 4th Grade in Cub Scout Uniform 10th Year Birthday 11 years old,  Easter Birthday
6th Grade 7th 8th Whitewater, WI
Letter Sweater Whitewater, WI Diploma Western Springs, Il First Beard
California Beach with Paul Shoener Lance, Pat, Lana, John, Jan Robin, John, Jan Thanksgiving Aunt Kay's
New Bow from Shankland Saxon Paul 26, John25, Irene Oke Stone Park Fire Dept water fights Cooking in Stone Park
SP Election Help SMI Houston, TX with show blazer Cuyahoga Falls, OH Jamaica
Birthday Scotch Plains, NJ Lake of the Woods, IN Klinger Lake, MI Sethne Reunion Klinger with Cousin Sue
First Passport Birthday, LaGrange, IL Klinger Holiday Inn


Canoe Trip Ely MN with John Still Looking Digi Tour Tokyo Japan Grand Cayman
Crissy Graduation Virgin Islands Master Bath, New House John - Bill & Joni Bremer Summerwind
John A's Graduation Making Stuffing Xmas Eve John, Rhonda, Gordon/Robyn's Wedding The original Summerwind, Chicago
SCUBA diving Honduras London Eng, John, Cathy, Roger, Gene Camper road trip Britt, John, Kjell Aboard FeBrina, Papua New Guinea
Bringing boat from storage to slip with Li Driving WP F3 Train engine Margarita Island Drove boat from Chicago to Melbourne
Start of Florida Layout New Ranger Pickup Bahamas Cruise, Friends daughter Caroline Golden Spike - Main line
Lyle In Florida, Shipp's condo Rocky MT National Park 2007 RV trip   2009