Edward was born to William L and Elizabeth Shankland in Lewis De. William L Shankland in the correct age range is unknown. This has been a 30 year mystery without resolution. One researcher claimed it was a second wife to William Garrison Shankland but the dates and circumstances make this improbable.
Edward R. Shankland
b. 7 Mar 1819, d. 17 Jan 1895
Martha Neville
d. 1 Nov 1852
William L. Shankland
b. 25 Nov 1842, d. 21 Mar 1863
Edward C. Shankland
b. 2 Aug 1854, d. 3 Jun 1924
Harriet S. Graham
b. Mar 1856, d. a 1925
Ralph M. Shankland
b. 8 Sep 1863, d. 28 Jun 1933
Ralph H. Shankland Jr
b. 17 Sep 1923, d. 6 Dec 2012