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Andrew Gibb Shankland and Judith (Stoops) Shankland
These two drawings are Xerox copies of pencil or charcoal sketches.


James Marion Shankland 7th child of 11
Andrew and Judy This the only known photo of James. Courtesy of Judy Shankland Great Granddaughter

Lydia Shankland, second wife of James Marion. I received this photo from Mary Ripp. The handwriting is Grandma Mary Shankland's, Lydia was her mother-in-law. I think this house is in San Jose, IL.

The following biographic material was written and provided by Gayle Pace Jones, 3rd great-granddaughter of Andrew.

Andrew Gibb Shankland was the 9th and last child of John Shankland and Sarah Harney both of Sussex County Delaware. John, referred to many genealogists as "pioneer John" moved to Kentucky around 1795. Kentucky was just over it disputes with the local Indians and was considered a frontier. Several of John and Sarah's children were born in Delaware but the last including Andrew were born on Cassidy Creek Nicholas County, Ky. When John died he left each of his adult children 50 cents and his farm and assets to James and Andrew. Instructions were given that they were to keep the farm until the death of his wife and their mother Sarah. Upon her death the farm was sold.

In 1851, Andrew sold his interest in the family farm to his brother James H. along with his interest in the Myers Sawmill which he ran with his son-in-law James E. Myers. In 1853, the entire family, together with their married children moved to Lee Twp. Brown Co., IL where they bought farms and homesteaded.

Seth C. Sherman, Commissioner was appointed by the State of Illinois to sell land. He published an advertisement Nov 11, 1855 in the Prairie Telegraph that was printed in Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL. The auction was held on the steps of the courthouse. The following piece of property was sold to Andrew G. Shankland, the highest bidder and recorded by the county clerk of Brown Co., IL.

Catherine A. Gray, minor--sold by her guardian: 1/2 of the NW Quarter of Section 28 in Township 1, S Ranger 4 W of the 4th PM for the sum of $500.00. Transaction was recorded December 14, 1855.

  The 4th Principal Meridian is located near Beardstown Il. From this legal description we can determine that the parcel of land is located 5 miles south and 28 miles west of the 4th Principal Meridian. A quarter section is 160 acres so Andrew bought 80 acres. It is very possible to determine where this farm is today by this legal description. A vast improvement over the earlier Metes and Bounds system. More info

Catherine A. Gray, minor--sold by her guardian: 1/2 of the NW Quarter of Section 28 in Township 1, S Ranger 4 W of the 4th PM for the sum of $500.00. Transaction was recorded December 14, 1855.

Despite all the wonderful legal documents left by Andrew Shankland in both Kentucky and Illinois, he died without a will. His son, David, was granted Letters of Administration on 14 June, 1880 and he was required to put up a penal sum of $400. He signed an Administrator's Oath on the same day, promising to perform all duties according to the law.
Newpaper notice (Brown County Democrat 1880): Estate of Andrew G. Shankland--Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims and demands against the estate of Andrew G. Shankland, dec'd, to present the same for adjudication and settlement at a regular term of the County Court of Brown County and State of Illinois on the first day of said term, to be holden at the Court House, in the city of Mt. Sterling in said county and State, on the third Monday of September A.D. 1880 being the 20th day thereof. David W. Shankland, Adm'r. A.K. Lowry, Att'y. Dated 24 July 1880. (Included on the photocopy is a certificate signed by the publisher of the paper, H.K. Davis, that the above notice was duly published from 24 July 1880 until 11 September 1880 for the cost of $7.00).
Letter written by David W. Shankland to Judge T. J. Russell during the August 1882 term of the County Court.
To Hon. T.J. Russell Judge of the County Court in and for said County in said state. The undersigned administrator of the estate of Andrew G. Shankland deceased respectfully represents unto you Honor that he has collected all the assets of said estate and paid all the debts adjusted against them occur. Not more than two years will have elapsed at the September term 1882 of said court, since the taking our of letters of administration, and being desirous of making a final settlement of his administration of said estate at the September term 1882 of said Court, he therefore respectfully asks to make each settlement at said term of court, to give notice to all persons interested of his intentions of Court.
Signed, David W. Shankland, Administrator

And now on this day this petition being presented and filed, comes the said Administator by his attorney, and the court being well and sufficiently advised in the provisions , doth under that said Administrator do publish in one of the newspapers in said County in one issue thereof, a _____of his intention to make final settlement of his Administration of said estate at the September term 1882 of said County.
Signed by:
Thomas J. Russell
County Judge

On the same photocopy page is a receipt from the County Clerk, George N. Henry, who received the petition to make final settlement in the estate of Andrew G. Shankland.

State of Illinois, Brown County
In the County Court of the September term 1882
_____T.J. Russell Judge of the County Court in and for
said County.
The undersigned Administrator of the estate of
Andrew G. Shankland late of said county deceased begs
_____ to submit the following final account of his
____ is _____ viz:
He charges himself with Cash on hand at death of
deceased -- $11.00
To Amount of personal property as per appraisment ___

_____ ______

By personal estate taken by widow as her settlement --
By ______ H.K. Davis voucher #2 $7.00
By W.T. Hobbs " #3 43.00
By E.F. McGraw? #4 17.60
By S.T. Shankland #5 62.00
By G.N. Henry #6 4.50
By W.W. Bowen #7 2.50
By J. Stout? #8 26.00
By H.K. Davis #9 2.00
By G. F. Shankland #10 300.00

...expressly ____ the heirs of said Andrew G. Shankland and Deceased of all claims before there is any or either of these for the payment of debts etc. and deceased and more than two years having elapsed since the granting of letters of administration on said estate and having fully accepted such administration I respectfully ask to be discharged from the administration of said estate.

Signed, David W. Shankland
Appraisment Bill of A.G. Shankland, Deceased
90 Bushels corn @25cts. per bushel
40 Bushels wheat @85 cts per bushel
6 _____ 100 pounds each @ 3cts per _______ 18.00
1 Mule 40.00
1 two year old heifer 20.00
1 harrow 3.00
1 wagon 10.00
1 buggy 5.00
Carpenter tool 5.00
3 bedsteads, beds and bedding 30.00
1 stand table .50
1 bookcase and books 2.00
1 clock 2.00
1 safe 2.00
1 clothes press 2.50
1 table 2.00
9 chairs .25 each - 2.25

Real estate was appraised at $1400.



Appraiser's Estimate of the Value of Property Allowed
to the Widow:

We, the undersigned, appraisers appointed by the Judge of the County Court of Brown County to appriase and value the goods, chattels and personal estate of Andrew G. Shankland, deceased, do hereby make and certify to said Court the following estimate of the value of each article of specific property allowed by law to the widow, for herself and family, to wit:

The family pictures and the Wearing Apparel,
Jewels and Ornaments of the widow and minor children: $20.00
School books and Family Library: $100.00
One Sewing Machine: $25.00
Necessary Beds, Bedsteads, and Bedding for the widow and family: $25.00
The Stoves and Pipe used in the family, with the necessary cooking utensils: $30.00
Household and Kitchen Furniture: $100.00
One Milch Cow and Calf (being one for every four members of the family): $8.00
2 Sheep and Fleeces (being two for each member of the family): $6.00
One Horse, Saddle and Bridle: $95.00
Provisions for the Widow and family for one year: $35.00
Food for the Stock above specified for six months: $25.00
Fuel for the widow and family for three months: $5.00
Other property: $100.00

Given under our hands,
Signed: Henry X Bennett, George C. Budd and Burrell
Badgett, Appraisers



"Petition of David W. Shankland in the matter of the estate of Andrew G. Shankland deceased for Letters of Administration on his estate.

To the Hon. Thos. J. Russell Judge of the County Court of Brown County, in the State of Illinois. The Petition of the undersigned David W. Shankland respectfully represents that, Andrew G. Shankland late of the County of Brown aforesaid, departed this life at Lee Township in said County, on on about the seventh day of May A.D. 1880, leaving no last will and testament as far as your petitioner knows of believes.
And this Petition further shows that the said Andrew J. Shankland died, seized and possessed of real and personal estate, consisting chiefly of the Homestead occupied by him in his lifetime and stock farming implements, grain and household goods, all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth about two hundred dollars. The said deceased left surviving him Judith Shankland his widow, and Samuel T. Shankland, William H. Shankland, James M. Shankland, Benj. H. Shankland, David W. Shankland, Nancy Myers, Elizabeth Briggs and Sarah Bowen, also survivors, Sarah Taylor, Hattie Plew, Elmore E. Plew, his children and heirs. That your petitioner being a son of said deceased and believing that the said estate should be immediatlely administered as well for the proper management of said estate as for the prompt collection of the assets, by virtue of his right under the Statue he therefore pray that your Honor will grant letters of Administration to him (the said Judith Shankland having relinquished her right of Administration in the premises upon his taking the oath prescribed by that Statute and entering into bond in such sum and with securities, as may be approbed by you Honor." Signed - D.W. Shankland

Sworn and subscribed beore me George N. Henry, Clerk of the County Court of Brown County this 12th day of July 1880 - signed - Geo. N. Henry, clerk.