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I suppose that most people who do genealogies have a love of family. It is certainly true for me.  I dedicate this page to the memories of the families and people, living and dead, that I love.

Howard Andrew and Mary Eliza (Brian) Shankland
Christian Theodore and Petra (Ensrud) Sethne
John Howard  and Frieda Irene (Sethne) Shankland
Gordon Lee Shankland
Rhonda Beth (Shankland) Grace
John William (Bud) and Norah Kathryn (Kay) (Shankland) Adams
The Sethne Aunts and Uncles Leif and Irma, Norman and Marty, 
Ruth and Hardin, Hazel and Jim, and Lynn

Be sure to scroll down and see the pictures below the names!
Note: Because this is a personal history I have identified the people informally. 
My family members will know who they are but I have given enough information
 that serious genealogists should be able to figure it out.
You can click on many of the pictures for a larger view. 


Burrell and Eunice Shankland
Milford Nicholas (Bud) and Ann Shankland
Steve L Shankland
Patrick W Adams 
Mary (Adams) and Jim Ripp
Kjell and Britt (Ensrud) Myrmel
Janet K Hungerford
The Hungerford Family
Cathy A Young
The Polzin Family
Li Chen
The Chen Family
Jack and Mary Shankland
Judy Shankland
The Shankland/Sethne Cousins
Jim Grace
Pat Solano
Brother Gordon's Step Children
Leinani Schuler 

Robyn Lynne (Shankland) and Nicholas Hamilton
Camryn J and Mac Shankland Hamilton

John Andrew and Gina Teresa (Cesario) Shankland
Chloe Leslie and Avery John Shankland

Cristina Shankland (Shankland) and John Colman  Shipp
Lyle Cristina Shipp

Carey Ann (Borchert) and Terry Newsome
Nicole Newsome

Cotey French

Chang (Derek) Liu

Shan (Wang) and Kevin Hann


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Howard and John (Jack) Shankland Circa 1930

Back: Jack, Chris Sethne, Howard
Front: Frieda, Petra Sethne, Mary     ca 1941 


Howard, Mary, Frieda, Jack   Jul 9 1943

Frieda   Rolla, Missouri Mar 28 1941


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4 Generations: Norah (Charles) Brian Stewart, Mary, Jack, John N, and Gordon L Shankland Circa 1945 

Frieda and John N   Apr 13,1943 in Kenosha


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Capt John Howard Shankland US Army Air Corp circa 1943


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These 4 men are 4 of 5 living grandchildren of James Marion and Lydia (Griffin) Shankland. John Howard and Frieda Sethne, James Lyle and Elizabeth Williams, Milford Nicholas (Bud) and Ann Vanek, Burrell and Eunice Quinby. These pictures were taken by Mary Eliza at Mary Elizabeth Adams wedding  Sept 4, 1971

John, Gordon, and Rhonda Shankland
Hinsdale, IL 1955