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Frieda Shankland and Leif Sethne compiled a family history for the Sethne and Ensrud Families

Their parents immigrated through Ellis Island and settled in North Dakota.

"After five years of grubbing these lands and well into the second option, now 480 acres and upon completion of a "little house on the prairie" he persuaded Petra Ensrud, a young lady whom he had know in Norway, to join him in the the "promised land", marrying her in 1915. It is incomprehensible that these people could survive the sweltering heat, inadequate rainfall, the snow and winter of temperatures, 60 degrees below zero. No electricity, cars, transportation, or neighbors. But they had each other and produced seven Norwegians, all of them good kids."

Leif Sethne

Photos of the Christian Sethne Families
Photos of my visit to Norway June 1994
Photos of Norway Sethnes and Descendants May 2005




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 Helen Marie Eviensdtr,  Hans Hansen Sethne Johannes & Petronella Ensrud nee Krikstad


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The Sethne Home Kolbu, Norway 1962

Christian Sethne was born and raised on the Sethne farm owned by his father, in Kolbu. At this time I am not sure how much longer it had been in the family. Norwegian law states the farms are to be passed down (intact) to the oldest son. Chris was third in line and rather then working for his brother as a hand he decided to take his chances and emigrated to the United States (circa 1910) to obtain homestead lands in North Dakota.

Hans Sethne


Aerial view from a post card


Painted from memory by Christian around age 65
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Christian Theodore Sethne (Christ) Petra Ensrud (Pat)

The Sethne Brothers
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Christian, Hans
Oscar, Eugene
Oscar, Eugene
Christian, Hans


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Wedding in North Dakota, 1915


Christ (rhymes with mist) and Petra
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Sethne Homestead North Dakota